Friday, December 10, 2010

Sister's Sister.

Got it! My sister belanja. Hehehehe

Unlike last year, I think I won't be getting much doses this time. No Starbucks near my office and my hell work schedule make it more impossible. Good thing is I can save money. I am aslso trying to reduce my caffeine intake by the way. So it is a good thing that I don't crave for it badly this time. *I'm trying to pujuk myself people* (T_T)

Oh and she took the picture also. Seronok betul ada paparazi. Senang nak update blog.

My two weeks of cuti cuti was nothing but fun fun fun! (Err.. what's not fun about cuti?). I had my plans lining up even way before my days off. Among my plans are:-


Shopping * Forever 21 @ One Utama*

Dining * Garden Lifestyle Cafe @ The Curve*

Gym * Fitness First @ Empire Gallery Subang*

Nerdy mode *Borders @ Bangsar Village*

Cam-whoring * One Utama *

More Dining * The Teh Tarik Place @ Empire Gallery, Subang*

More Gym * Fitness First @ Menara Manulife*

More Shopping *Empire Gallery, Subang*

Shoe Hunting *Charles & Keith @ Empire Gallery, Subang*

Am I a happy person? You bet. But all of it won't be that fun if it wasn't for my sister who accompany me the whole 2 weeks. That is the advantage of having a sister who is a teacher. haha. Love you sister! hehe.

Actually there are much more things that we do other than those above, but not much picture la. Most of it includes our kids so you know la bila ada budak-budak dan tiada pulak bapak budak, kelam kabut jadinya so taking pictures was the least that we could think of. Nonetheless, it was nothing but fun.

I am more than ready to start work next week. :)

P/S: Both me and my sister, and all our kids demam sebab banyak sangat berjalan. hehe.

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