Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I always look forward to Christmas

Before you go jumping into conclusion and say haraaaaammmmm..... what I really mean is the Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte!

If you still remember my drama last year, the planner is now safe and left un-touch after February and now sitting on top of the rack- dusty I guess.

An organizer for a disorganize person? Think twice next time.

Anyway, I still haven't taken a sip of it and I am dying to. Pass through Starbucks so many time but time is so jealous of me (masa mencemburui saya boleh?). The recent one was yesterday. I was out and about for a refreshing bitching session with besties (yes we are that bad one..) at KLCC. A good whole 3 hours! But the sad part is, just 3 of us can make it this time. Others are busy but still....we rock aren't we? *blow nails*


We were supposed to go to Fahrenheit 88 after that to check out Uniqlo but one of us suddenly has another plan so they cancel it the very last minute. But I still proceed with the plan and gladly did so because over there I met Hanis Zalikha!

She is my inspiration actually. Both she and her mum. I discover her blog when I was pregnant with Rania 3 years ago. I was in a very bad shape at that time. I am frustrated with my life, I am bitter towards everything and I whine a lot until the day I read her blog. I felt so embarrassed on how mature she is and how she sees the world. And she is nearly 10 years younger than me!

With that I change my attitude (though I am still bitter at times), I never look back. Alhamdulillah, so many good things happen to me now. And I must thank her. Amazing how we learn how to live our life from someone younger than us right?

But of course the gratitude speech doesn't happen last night. I was so starstruck that what come out from my mouth was just "hanis... nak ambik gambar boleh?" *shame* My husband went ROFLOL on me. I don't even tell her who I am. *double shame*

I always smile like that one. My picture with Siti Nurhaliza also like that. So easily get over exited.

Anyway Hanis, if you read this..(I bet she wont) Thank You for making my life better by being who you are - just a stranger in my life-


Hanis Zalikha said...

Cute! Your junior sent me this link alololololo. But I didnt get to beramah mesra with Rania sigh sigh.. Thanks for this entry :')

FatiYahh said...

Awwwww....Rania also will be starstruck. hehe. Thank You. :)

mariam said...

damn... yah jumpa hanis.....;p