Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend: Giant Mozza Burger from A&W

Current Craze : Giant Mozza Burger


We only had few ringgits in our pocket since my mum "pinjam" our money to pay for some emergencies right before we leave the house. So, we planned to have dinner at Green House Mamak (again!) but they were closed. Penny-less, we opt for Kepong Village Mall because they have ATMs there.

Initially wanna eat Little Taiwan (yes, again! we really have to broaden our food choices), but as usual, my daughter screaming for ice-cream. So, A&W it is.

I tell you, the fries tasted healthier than Mc Donalds. I don't know about you guys but my tongue feels a bit strange each time I ate Mc Donald's fries. Me don't like!

But the superstar for the night must be Giant Mozza Burger ordered by the husband. It's BIG, with double patties and cheese all over it! Good stuff. I think this burger is new because last time we went there we saw only normal Mozza Burger.

And A&W won't be A&W without the float. Don't know how they do it but no other drinks can beat A&W root beer for floats.

Will update more on our weekend but I have to warn you, all about foods. :)

Have a great Monday!

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